Naya Homes
Naya Homes uses data science and technology that enables homeowners and real-estate investors to maximize their earnings all while seamlessly providing guests with memorable experiences.
For homeowners and real-estate investors, Naya is their ultimate partner. The visual identity echoes this sentiment while rooted in Latin American design.
branding & visual identity
logo design
The logomark draws inspiration from the elegant architecture of Latin America combined with the beautiful nature that surrounds it.
Colours inspired by the surrounding nature and architecture of Latin America.
Utilizing background shapes that pull reference from adobe styled homes, tropical plants and mountains creating backgrounds with beautiful and natural imperfections.
Simplified snippets of the product allows for visual demonstrations of how Naya sets homeowners and their rental properties up for success.
On the consumer side of the brand, the energy and expressiveness can dial up with more exciting imagery and latin inspired linework.