Aidaly provides caregivers financial assistance to help them get paid for the hard work that they do. First assessing their financial assets, then finding the benefits and credits they qualify for to help offset the cost of care and finally paying them money as Aidaly takes care of the paperwork.
The goal for Aidaly's brand identity was to convey a sense of empowerment, that these caregivers weren't alone and they were celebrated for the hardwork that they do. Bold and straight to the point.
Agency – CollabWest
Aidaly brand logo intro red on green
Brand Identity
The brand utilizes a customized wordmark as its main logo. Set in all lowercase and featuring softer elements like the geometric tittle of the "i" helps distinguish a softer welcoming feel. Juxtaposed with harder hitting elements like the sharp serifs on the lowercase "a" and sharp cuts on the "d" and "l" to signify we stand up for ourselves kind of attitude.
The overall colour palette adopts the same theme of softer friendlier feeling colours in the green, light peach and light pink. Contrasted with a bright vibrant red and dark charcoal to level out the softer friendlier feel with a more hard hitting, won't back down attitude.
Aidaly color palette
Using a bold, condensed header font helps us dial up the bold and straightforward messaging throughout brand application. Offset with more delicate and conservative fonts in DM Serif and Sans.