Nelson Plant Food
Creating plant fertilizer for the past 35 years and being an industry standard, Nelson Plant Food provides custom blend formulas for a variety of clients. The previous visual identity created issues that didn’t speak to its targeted audience, causing the need for re-evaulation.
With a diverse audience of local gardeners/growers, landscapers, and retail/distributers the goal was to make something simple and easily relatable to a wide variety of potential clients.
Brand Identity
Web Design
Print Design
Nelson Plant Food brand logo preview image
Brand Identity
The brand was given a pastel-like colour palette along with a simple symmetrical logomark to appear friendly and soothing just like plants and flowers the product treats. Some letters within the logotype were left lowercase yet aligned with the cap height to continue the trend of a softer appeal.
Nelson Plant Food logo lockup green on blue
Nelson Plant Food logobadge green on pink
Nelson Plant Food logo lockup green on blue
Nelson Plant Food brand stationery
Print Campaign
Nelson Plant Food brand marketing posters
User Interface
Nelson Plant Food homepage website mockup
Nelson Plant Food subpage website mockup