NPact has developed software solutions along with services that'll help foundations and non-profits grow their local and global impact. Helping their clientele accelerate their process so they can confidently carry out their mission.
The goal for NPact's brand identity was to convey a feeling of outreach and professionalism while demonstrating the efficiency and growth that comes with their solutions.
Agency – CollabWest
Brand Identity
Using leaves as the main element of the logomark to symbolize growth, in the form of a cycle as if they're constantly in motion working together to convey that feeling of efficiency and acceleration.
The aim for NPact's colour palette was to create a strong and professional feel but in an overall calming tone. To achieve this, most of the colours are pulled from nature, such as the forest green, sunshine yellow and the oranges referenced from fall leaves.
Graphic Language
Expanding and growing organic shapes are infused into the graphic language to support the narrative of providing more outreach and impact throughout the world for foundations and non-profits. Inspired by topography and how the line work expands and grows throughout the land it's displayed on.