OctoML's AI platform helps businesses accelerate and improve the performance of their machine learning models all while maintaining accuracy. They aim to create a world where AI is sustainable, accessible and used thoughtfully to improve lives.
The goal for OctoML's brand identity was to demonstrate how they help optimize machine learning by maximizing performance and simplifying deployment.
Agency – CollabWest
Brand Identity
The logomark plays off of the company's Octo namesake, but comprised of the guides & paths that represent how OctoML aligns, improves and accurately speeds up their clientele's machine learning models.
OctoML's colour palette uses bright primary colours to convey the simplicity they provide to their clientele's machine learning deployment.
Graphic Language
Machine learning has a profound effect on the developing world. However, on its own, it isn't always the most efficient. This is where Octo helps, by making it run faster, more accurately and easier to deploy.
The graphic language touches on this concept with guides and paths formed out of pragmatic geometric shapes that become these visual paramters that help the models run more smoothly and efficiently.