Brand Identity, Logo Design, Web Design

Who Are They

A platform enabling large global organizations to effectively analyze, share and collaborate data sets across teams, borders and organizations within the healthcare, pharma and manufacturing industries.


Showcase Apheris as the impactful platform that’s changing everything. This is the data revolution. Opening up a new world that will allow industries to take on issues that were never thought possible.

Logo Construction

The current logo concept remained in place due to its accurate portrayal of the brand. An evolved version was created to increase legibility and better fit within the new visual design system.

Accessing Valuable Data

Graphics were developed to demonstrate how Apheris enables clients to access and analyze pools of sensitive and valuable data in a safe and secure way that was previously inaccessible.

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*Websites are subject to change from original hand-off to client.




Worked as lead designer focused on strategy, brand direction, logo design, visual design system, core branding materials, and homepage of the website.

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