Brand Identity, Logo Design

Who Are They

A platform enabling and empowering activists to spread their message, connect with people through intimate music events, and start a movement.


Form an identity around empowerment and being heard. Represent WithOthers as the megaphone to get your message out and organize your community around making positive change. Unapologetically loud and engaging.

Logo Construction

Both logomark and wordmark are formed in the shape of a megaphone. Centred around the concept of being heard and spreading your message.

Activist Expression

A library of stickers are provided as a nod to the old school activist and the tools they used to have their message heard.
Spray paint strokes are also applied throughout the visual design system as a reference to graffiti and its outlet of old school expression.




Worked as lead designer focused on strategy, brand direction, logo design, visual design system, and core branding materials.

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