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Greg isn't a huge fan of talking in third person, so this is kind of weird. He’s a Toronto based graphic designer focused on branding, print, and web design. Give him a shout if you’d like to work with him.
Graphic Design
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Web Design
Webflow Development
Editorial & Publication
Brand Identity
Providing caregivers a source of income and support through benefits and credit that they either didn't know about or have the time to qualify for.
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Brand Identity
Fundraising, financial, and grant management software solutions for foundations and non-profits.
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Brand Identity
Assists AI platforms with optimizing machine learning by maximizing performance and simplifying deployment of their ML models.
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Web Design
Website Collection
Website interfaces designed and developed for a variety of commercial clients.
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Logo Design
Logo Collection
Curated selection of simple and flexible logos created for commercial clients and personal use.
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Brand Identity
The Wine Loft
An independent wine shop and deli based in Brixham, a small close knit fishing town full of local wine lovers.
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Logo Design
Scholastic 60th Anniversary
The popular childrens book publishing company were celebrating their 60th year in Canada and wanted to commemorate it with a logo.
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