Iconic Air

Brand Identity, Logo Design, Web Design

Who Are They

A SaaS-based data analytics company helping the world’s largest-emitting industries decarbonize faster and mitigate climate risk.


Align Iconic Air with the smart technical solution that’s accelerating decarbonization and catalyzing environmental change for our planet. Providing the adaptable tools large-emitting companies can trust no matter the circumstances.

Logo Construction

The logomark combines an abstract depiction of molecular science with technology and orchestration.
Abstractions of the mark can be applied throughout the visual system to strengthen its visual storytelling.

Performant Data

Results are crucial to Iconic Air’s clientele, which is why rules and relevant data points are introduced to the visual design system. Touching on Iconic Air’s performant value and accessibility.

Bespoke Orchestration

Every client’s path to net zero is different which means every approach needs to be different. By using multi-coloured squares applied in a variety of different ways this reinforces that Iconic Air’s tools can adapt and orchestrate to all unique situations.

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*Websites are subject to change from original hand-off to client.




Worked as lead designer focused on strategy, brand direction, logo design, visual design system, core branding materials, and multi-page website.

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