Naya Homes

Brand Identity, Logo Design

Who Are They

A short-term rental management company dedicated to providing better rental experiences for both homeowners and guests. Focused on properties in Latin America.


Position Naya as the ultimate partner homeowners can rely on and trust to take great care, provide impactful insights, maximize financial returns, and create a magical and memorable experience for their guests.

Logo Construction

Drawing inspiration from the handmade high quality of Latin American architecture combined with the natural forms and fluidity of the surrounding nature. The logomark embraces its latin roots.

Colour Palette

The colour palette was compiled and inspired by the nature-scapes of Latin America and its beautiful surroundings.

Data Graphics

Providing homeowners with supportive insights is a key reason for why Naya is the perfect partner. This is integrated throughout the visual design system by pairing data graphics with home and homeowner imagery.

For the Guests

This is where the brand really comes to life, revealing the expressiveness and energy of the brand to inspire and excite future guests.
Latin inspired linework and background shapes are introduced as additional graphic elements.




Worked as lead designer focused on strategy, brand direction, logo design, visual design system, and core branding materials.

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